She Talks Money

Educating and empowering women of all ages, ethnicities and economic backgrounds on basic and advanced financial literacy.

Top Objectives

Open & Safe Space

for women to talk about money

Financial Empowerment

and greater financial independence for women

Financial Education

that practical and interactive 

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About Us

She Talks Money is a South African non-profit organisation that aims to educate and empower women of all ages, ethnicities and economic backgrounds on basic and advanced financial literacy. Our mission is to encourage women’s economic inclusion and development by creating a financially literate society. She Talks Money aims to have year-round initiatives and programmes that include excursions, bootcamps, training, and workshops events that will culminate into the annual 2 day conference

Our Target?

By Age

All women between the ages 19 to 50+

By Profession

Each programme and initiative speaks to different women at different stages of their lives. Programmes range from students to working women at an and every industry.

Our Initiatives

The Speaker Series

We host a series of events where a guest speaker will share their knowledge about saving, budgeting, expenses, retirement planning and anything financial.

School Holiday Bootcamp

A one-week bootcamp for university scholars. Interactive workshop presented using real-life case studies to get students thinking about real-life applications.


Small regional conferences across the country in the build up to the 2 day main conference that will see keynotes from industry experts and interactive financial workshops.

Corporate Workshop

Full-day workshop creating an open space for working women to talk about their financial challenges and finding solutions for them.

What’s in it for our Partners?

Get in front of your target market

Boost the perceived brand image as a gender empowered brand

Reconnect and engage with women

Community involvement also sets you apart from other brands

The importance of our cause

Encouraging more responsible and informed decisionmaking not only benefits women as individuals, but it also boosts the prosperity and financial stability of the whole nation.

Financial education is as urgent as other types of education.

Healthy, financially stable economies are built largely on the savings of individuals. Strong national savings help to finance national development projects and reduce South Africa’s dependence on foreign investment.

Contact Us

Cape Town, South Africa

078 271 3940